Willistown Troop 78                                

Scout On!

The Troop continues to meet.

All activities will be conducted following established CDC and State of PA guidelines

Click here for the rules we will be following​​


 14 Friday Troop Meeting, summer camp medical forms due 

 15 Saturday Radnor Races: volunteers Needed

 16 Sunday Radnor Races Clean-up 8 AM: volunteers needed

 21 Friday Troop Meeting 7PM

 28 Friday No Troop meeting, Memorial Day Weekend


 1 Tuesday Board of Review 7PM, cabin

                   Troop Committee 7:30PM, cabin 

 2 Wednesday Patrol Leaders’ Council 7PM-8PM

 4 Friday Troop Meeting, Field Day Part I 7PM

 6 Sunday Field Day Part II, Family Picnic and Eagle Court of Honor 2PM-5PM

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Willistown Boy Scout Troop 78 in Malvern, PA

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