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​​​Over 90 years of service to the youth of Chester County Pennsylvania


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 20 Saturday - 21 Sunday Historic Trip – Baltimore Inner Harbor

 25 Thursday TROOP MEETING 7-9PM

 26 Friday - 28 Sunday Order of the Arrow Service weekend at camp, members and candidates only


 1 Wednesday Patrol Leaders' Council 7PM

 3 Friday Troop Meeting 7-9PM

 5 Sunday Canoe Trip 

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We regret to announce the passing of Bob Matje, Sr, Wednesday April 10.

       Bob was a long time member of Troop 78, member of the Troop Committee, member of the Friends of Troop 78.  He worked tirelessly to the benefit of Troop 78, the scouts, and the scouting program.

       He was instrumental in forging a decades-long relationship, which persists to this day, between the troop and the Brandywine Conservancy. Both the Conservancy and the Troop benefited from Bob's dedication supporting the Annual Radnor Hunt Races for Open Space Preservation. 


        In lieu of flowers, Bob's family is asking that you make a donation to the Friend's of Troop 78. 

If you wish to make a donation to the Friends in Bob's memory, ​please click the donate button below.

        Or in the alternative, you may make a check out to: "Friends of Troop 78" and send it to the Friends treasurer Brian Miller, 139 Lisa Drive, Paoli, PA 19301.

        All donations to the Friends are used for the furtherance of the scouting program to which Bob was so dedicated.

Thank you


Bob Matje joined Troop 78 around 1976

  • His two sons received Eagle Scout: Bob E. (1984) and Mark (1988)
  • He served as Radnor Race Coordinator 1989-2019
  • Accompanied the troop on numerous weekend and week long trips including:
  • Algonquin Park, Ontario and St. John’s U.S. Virgin Islands

Troop Awards

  • Bellgrau Award for 25 years of Distinguished service to Troop 78 – 2005
  • OLD LOON Award from Friends of Troop 78 for Outstanding Service and Dedication to Troop 78 - 2019
  • A Two Time Recipient of the coveted Troop 78 Boot Award - 1981 & 1991 for Conspicuous Acts of Clumsiness or Stupidity Which Sometimes Occur in the Service of Scouting

Order of the Arrow Awards

  • Vigil Honor Octoraro Lodge 22 in 1983
  • Allouchsit Allogagan Award for 25 years or more of service to Octoraro Lodge 22 - 2005

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