There are several opportunities for adult leader training to consider.

1) Youth Protection Training (YPT)

    Adult leaders who wish to be registered with the BSA and all adults who have any youth contact must take the BSA Youth Protection Training.

    Click here for more information and a link to the Youth Protection Training course.

    Click here for links to the mandated background checks.

2) CPR certification

Adults should be CPR certified.  The Troop offers CPR training one time a year.

The next CPR training is generally offered after the Troop Committee meeting in January or February. 

3) Position specific training

Adults should take position specific training offered on the BSA website. 

Training is offered for Committee members and Troop Leaders.

    Click here for links to position specific training.

4) Activity specific training

  There are numerous online courses for safety training in specific activities such as swimming, boating and many others.

    Click for more information regarding activity specific training.

5) Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) 

Adults should consider taking the training referred to as Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS).  This is a two day, one night course offered several times a year.  If you wish to be registered as an Assistant Scoutmaster, you must complete the online training mentioned above in #3 and the IOLS.

   Click here for the course syllabus.
   Click here for more information and for the link to register for the course.

6) Wood Badge

Adults should consider taking Wood Badge.  This is a training course originally designed by Lord Baden Powell himself.  This course gives instruction in outdoor skills, teamwork, and leadership necessary to be a successful Scout leader.  This course takes place over two weekends and is offered once a year.

   Click here for more information.

7) Bullying awareness / Anti-bullying

There is extensive and detailed anti-bullying information on the BSA National website at scouting.org.

   Click here for more information.

Training page on the Chester County Council website

Training page on the National BSA website

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