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Over 85 years of service to the youth of Chester County Pennsylvania

Army Football/US Military Academy Tour and Camping Trip: November 10 – 12, 2017

TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS: We will travel by Troop bus. Be at the Cabin by 6:00 PM sharp on Friday night. We will arrive back at the Cabin approximately 2 PM on Sunday.

NOTE: All attendees aged 16 and above MUST bring a photo ID with them to be admitted to the USMA campus.


Do NOT skip anything on this list or you will suffer and you will be miserable this weekend. 

The forecast is for super cold weather and we will be outside for 48 hours with no escape from the cold.

Full Class A winter uniform (mandatory for all Scouts, Webelos and registered adult leaders)

Hiking boots and Scout socks (to be worn with uniform on USMA tour and football game)
Photo ID

Sleeping bag

***Note: your sleeping bag should be rated down to zero degrees or 20+ degrees if you also bring a sleeping bag liner.

Sleeping pad (must have an insulated pad to protect you from the cold ground)

Complete change of clothes

Winter coat: heavy duty maximum winter coat is necessary

Fleece jacket

Fleece pull over

Long underwear top and bottom

Wind pants or at least one other layer for your legs.  You must have three layers on your legs, two layers will NOT be enough.

Heavy synthetic winter socks, at least three extra pairs.  ****You will need a fresh pair to change into each night just before you go to bed.****   And I am not kidding. 

Winter knit hat (even if you decide not to wear this hat during the day, you will need a knit hat to wear at night while in your sleeping bag)

Brim hat, sunglasses

Winter gloves

Glove liners



Small flashlight or headlamp, with good batteries

At least one (1) 1 liter water bottle (bring filled) – Nalgene or other unbreakable water bottle
Plastic drinking cup
Toothbrush and toothpaste; soap
Small bottle hand sanitizer

Spending money for the football stadium, Academy gift shop, and a food stop on the way home on Sunday.


Click here: weather forecast for West Point!!!

West Point Military Academy

November 10 - 12, 2017

See below for updated What-to-Bring-List.