Willistown Troop 78                                

Upcoming Event Details:

* Hosted at Troop 78's Cabin

    * First Responder Training for 4th Gr. Webelos (Nov 9)
    * Open House  (Nov 11)


     * West Point Camping Trip w. Army vs U. Conn Football (Nov 18-20)

     * Winter Weekend - Horshoe Scout Reservation (Jan 6-8)

     * Matje Farm Trip (Feb 17-19)

     * Webelos Woods Diamond Rock District (Mar 24-25)

     * Grand Canyon of PA Hike or Bike Trip (May 5-7)

     * Whitewater Rafting on Leigh (June 16-18)

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Tents and food are provided by the troop!

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Troop 78 on Mount Baldy, Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico