Willistown Troop 78                                

Horseshoe Chapel overlook

Sunset from Flag Pole Hill

Dates:   Friday January 6th to Sunday January 8th, 2023

By Troop bus: meet at the cabin at 6PM Friday

By personal vehicle: meet at Camp Horseshoe, at the Schramm and Browning lodges

Location:   Camp Horseshoe

GPS address: 1286 Ridge Road, Rising Sun, MD 21911


We will be staying indoors in cabins heated by wood stoves and with restroom facilities.

There are spring bunks with camp mattresses. 

What to bring:

(Pack your stuff in a duffel bag)

We are "car" camping - driving right to the lodges.

Weight doesn't matter, bring whatever you think you will need.

Please check the weather.

Plan to bring extra winter clothes!

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad or two 


Flashlight / headlamp

Warm Clothes, come prepared for winter, bring multiple layers!!!

(bring at least one complete change of clothes as well)

Heavy winter coat

Rain and snow gear

Sturdy shoes or boots

Winter gloves

​Winter knit hat

Toilet articles

Drinking mug

Scout handbook

Face mask optional


Click here for the latest weather at Camp Horseshoe

Getting there:  

Come to camp by personal vehicle or by troop bus.

Troop Bus will be leaving the cabin at 6:00 PM on Friday January 6th.

Or by personal vehicle: plan to arrive at the camp at 8:30AM.

Expected return is 10:30 AM on Sunday January 8th.

Click here for directions to Camp Horseshoe

Activities include: 

Excellent food: the best you will ever have on a campout.

Scout skill training: scouts will learn and practice their outdoor skills.

Advancement: there is time set aside for individual advancement and with all the older scouts and dads there, young scouts will be able to move up in rank.

Camp tour: we will have a walking tour of the camp given by the former camp director, Ernie Heegard, who knows more about camp than anyone.

Wood cutting: everyone can take turns splitting wood for the wood stoves and supply enough for other troops to use throughout the winter.

Scavenger hunt: the winning patrol gets bragging rights for a year.

Games:  enjoy our indoor carnival with fun and exciting challenges



And more fun than you can imagine!

How do I reserve a spot?

Tell your patrol leader or den leader.

Scouts: This is the perfect opportunity to invite a friend to visit and learn about scouting and Troop 78.
Arrow of Light Scouts, Webelos 1 and 2, and their dads welcome.
Visitors: Please notify Jim Fox to sign up.  Email Jim at: jandjfox@gmail.com or register on this page.  

Dads: we encourage you to join us and see what Troop 78 is all about.

Father's attendance is welcome, but not required for the scout to attend.

Please tell your son's Patrol Leader or Den Leader that you will be joining us.

Scouts and youth visitors free.   $20 for troop dads.

Horseshoe Chapel

Send your completed permission slip to:


Standing at the railing in the Chapel overlooking the camp.  You can see the Octoraro River and the Athletic Field below.

Pictures of Camp Horseshoe in winter

 Scouts: bring a scout-aged friend!

 Webelos 1 & 2 and their dads welcome.

 Visitors: Please notify Jim Fox to sign up.

 Email Jim at:   jandjfox@gmail.com

 Annual Winter Camp Weekend at Camp Horseshoe