Willistown Troop 78                                

Winter Olympics at Matje Farm!
Friday February 18 – Sunday February 20, 2022

Pictures from previous trips.

When:                         Friday February 18 to Sunday February 20, 2022

Where:                        Camping at Matje Farm in upstate PA

Who:                           Scouts from Troop 78; VISITING WEBELOS WITH AN ADULT ARE WELCOME!
What:                          Scouts sleep in the barn at Mr. Matje’s farm

                                    The troop has a number of zero degree-rated sleeping bags to lend. Bring your own sleeping bag and you can put the zero bag over it.

​                                    Adults sleep in the farmhouse in bunk beds (you should bring a sleeping bag and a pillow).

​                                    Adults may also elect to sleep outside in a tent, the troop will provide tents

Cost:                           Scouts and Webelos– No charge
                                    Adults–$25 food fee for registered adults, $30 otherwise
Depart:                       Friday evening at 6:00 PM SHARP from the Cabin BE ON TIME!

Return:                       Sunday afternoon 1:00 PM to Cabin (approximate)

Transportation:          Troop Bus 

What to bring:
(Pack your stuff in a duffel bag)
We are "car" camping - driving right to the place where we will be camping. 

So....weight doesn't matter, bring whatever you think you will need.
Please plan to bring extra winter clothes!
Sleeping bag:

 - For the scouts (who will be sleeping in the barn) and adults who wish to sleep in tents: winter sleeping bag is recommended, rated down to zero degrees.

 - For adults sleeping in the farmhouse and the bunkhouse: regular three-season sleeping bag should be sufficient, these areas are heated.
Sleeping pad:

 - For those sleeping in the barn or in tents.

 - For those sleeping indoors, no pad is necessary, the bunks have mattresses. 
Flashlight / headlamp
Warm Clothes, come prepared for winter, bring multiple layers!!!
(Bring at least one complete change of clothes)
Heavy winter coat
Sturdy shoes or boots
Winter gloves
​Winter knit hat
Toilet articles
Drinking mug
Scout handbook
Face mask(s)
Sled (if you wish, not required)



Let your Patrol Leader know by Wednesday evening, 7:00 PM on February 16th if you will be attending.  


ADULTS:  Food fee will be collected at camp.   Thank you!

(Scout) Name and age/Patrol ___________________________________________________

Adult Name (if coming) (___________________________________________________

For adults:  You must have a YPT certificate, valid through December 31, 2022 to attend. 
Adults please check one of the following:
____  YPT certification attached    ___ YPT certification on file with Troop

I am the parent/legal guardian of the Scout/guest named above, and my signature below constitutes my permission for my son to attend the February 2022 Willistown Troop 78 Matje Farm trip.  If my child does not attend the trip for any reason, I understand that we will forfeit any prepayment for lift tickets and rental equipment.  If I am an adult attendee, my signature below is my agreement that my remitted payment will be forfeited in the event that I do not attend the trip for any reason. 


(Parent signature, or signature of adult attendee if submitted by attending adult)

     Covid Precautions

    -  Masks required while on the bus.

    -  Most activities will be outside.

    -  We will be serving meals in multiple shifts to reduce the number of people indoors at any one time.

    -  The scouts will be sleeping in a colonial era barn (a roof and walls, but lots of open air).

    -  The adults may choose between sleeping indoors in bunk rooms or outdoors in a tent. The troop will provide tents for those who need one.