On Saturday February 3 Troop 78 met on the gym floor at the Chester County IU with 30 patrols from all over Chester County for the annual First Aid Meet.

The patrols competed over several hours in the traditional multiple choice and fill in the blank test given at the outset of the meet comprised of 50 questions on first aid over the complete range of knowledge through all the ranks in scouting and then the patrols were challenged with four scenario problems.   The scenarios set the stage detailing various injuries and illnesses which the scouts must address and then the patrols are scored on their teamwork, first aid knowledge and skills.

After it was all said and done Troop 78 took 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and 5th place.

1st Place: Panther

2nd Place: Stag

3rd Place: Flying Eagle

5th Place: Rattlesnake

A great day for Troop 78 and all of the Troop 78 Scouts who dedicated the last several months to honing their first aid skills!

Good job everybody!

First Aid Meet 2018

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