Fall Court of Honor and Family Dinner 2017

On Sunday October 8, 2017 the Troop family gathered for the annual Fall Court of Honor and Family Dinner.  Well in advance the cabin had cleaned to welcome the guests and the party tent and pop-ups set up outside with tables and chairs.  It was a beautiful day for a banquet of lasagna and all the trimmings.  The event was opened with the greeting of the guests and the Pledge to the flag and Scout Oath and Law.  Then we all went through the food serving line and took seats for our dinner.  After much great food and conversation, we took our seats in the cabin for the award ceremony.  

Scoutmaster Steve D'Antonio welcomed the guests and began the ceremony with the announcement the Troop 78 Cabin would be dedicated to Ernie Heegard, long time scouter, former Troop 78 Scoutmaster, former Director of Camp Horseshoe and too many other notable accomplishments to even list them all.  The cabin will be hereafter called: Achgeketum Lodge, so named because this Lenni Lenape word means The Teacher, in honor of Ernie's many years teaching youth.  A large plaque inscribed with "Achgeketum Lodge" made by Joe Cady was presented to the Scoutmaster to place on the front of the of the cabin above the main entrance.

Several speakers including long time Troop 78ers Mark Siegle and Jack Dinsmore spoke of Ernie's long years of dedicated service to the youth of the Delaware Valley.  After a long standing ovation, Ernie graciously thanked the crowd for all the fuss, and stated of course its all for the kids.  

The Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader then continued with the awards from summer camp including the mile swim, and many many merit badges and ranks.  All together 178 merit badges were awarded.  

The Scout-of-the-Year was next up.  This award goes to the scout with highest point total over the past year.  Points are awarded for attendance at troop meetings and outings, for merit badges, ranks and special awards and for participating in community service events.  The Scout-of-the-Year was Zach Fox.  The Patrol of the Year was Stag.

‚ÄčThe final awards for the ceremony were Eagle Scout awards given to Scouts who earned Eagle since the last Court of Honor: Luke Brogan and Nathan Motel.  In the tradition of past Eagle award ceremonies, the Eagle Scout candidates have their trail to Eagle given by a fellow scout and friend.  This is typically a short recitation of highlights of the New Eagle's scouting career, including particularly eventful trips.  Luke had Andrew Brown give his scout history.  Nathan had Jay Madarasz give his.  Then the Eagle receives his Eagle Award from his father and the new Eagle gives an Eagle pin to his mother and father.  All of the Eagle Scouts present in the audience are called to stand as an honor guard along the side of the meeting room while the Scoutmaster gives the new Eagles the Eagle Charge, a solemn obligation the Eagles accept to guide them forward.

Then we all had cake!

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