Willistown Troop 78                                

COVID 19 Rules for Troop 78 Activities

Rules for our in-person Patrol meetings at the Troop cabin:

 - Patrol meeting, 90 minutes in length.
 - Must have at least two adults present at all times.
 - No carpooling.

 - Keep the activity outside, no one in the building except in case of emergency.
 - Everyone should use the restroom at their house just before coming to the  cabin, so there is no need to go into the cabin.
 - Everyone follows social distancing, try to maintain 6 feet of separation.
 - Everyone wears a mask at all times.  We will not provide masks, everyone must come with their own.  If you do not have a mask, you cannot stay.
 - Try to avoid touching your face.
 - Bring hand sanitizer if you can.
 - Everyone should have their own rope or other materials used for training to minimize handling something someone else has touched. Discuss in advance with your Patrol Leader.

Rules for Bike Hike

  - Individual ride to the start of the bike hike: the parking lot at the Betzwood bridge, access point to the Schuylkill Valley Trail

  - No carpooling

  - Group size limited to 25 or less

  - Minimum two adults per group

  - Wear a face mask: everyone must wear a mask. No mask. No bike hike.

  - Try to avoid touching your face

  - Bring hand sanitizer

  - Everyone follows social distancing, try to maintain separation of 6 feet

  - No sharing: no sharing water bottles or snacks or lunch