Troop 78 has the answer to your shopping needs…..the Scrip Program! 

Ordering gift cards through the Scrip Program is easy.


   Did you know that you can purchase gift cards through the Scrips gift card program throughout the year?

Think beyond holiday gifts and consider purchasing gift cards for monthly expenses such as groceries, gas, household supplies, clothing, and restaurants. Every gift card purchased through Scrips sends a rebate back to Troop 78. Rebates range from 1%-12% with occasional bonus percentages. This does not change the value of the card.

    You can fill out a paper order form and return to Steve or Sherri Wark or you can input your order electronically and pay by check made out to Friends of Troop 78 or through PayPal or Venmo (ask Sherri for details on those). For some stores, e-cards are available. Reloadable gift cards are also available for some stores. Please visit for a full listing of gift card retailers available.

    NEW!! You can use the RaiseRight APP!  Our Troop Enrollment code is FEF118A31591L You can input your order through the app and still pay by cash/check/Venmo, or you can connect a bank account (transaction fee applied), or pay by credit card (2.6% fee added to your order at checkout). If you would like to order your gift cards online but not with the app, please contact Sherri Wark at She will send you an email link to our Troop account through Scrips. It is an easy process.

    Checks should be made out to Friends of Troop 78. Please complete the form and return it with full payment. Bring the form and the checks to the cabin on or before Court of Honor on October 10th. Please contact us directly with any orders after that date. Cards will be distributed at the Troop meeting on October 22nd.

    Look at your family’s upcoming expenses for groceries, gas, dining out and household expenses. Can you pre-purchase any of these expenses? Check out some of these examples below – can you purchase a gift card for any of these monthly/semi-monthly needs? Keep a few in your purse or wallet.

For example:
Giant $100                   $4 rebate            Wawa $100                $1 rebate
Target $100                 $2.50 rebate        Old Navy $100           $14 rebate
CVS $100                   $6 rebate             Petsmart $100            $5 rebate
Dick’s Sporting $100  $8 rebate             Outback Steakhouse $100    $13 rebate

As you can see, some categories offer more of a rebate than others. A retail store offers a larger rebate than Wawa. When deciding on gift cards, you would choose something that your family would use, of course, but consider which ones have a higher rebate. There are hundreds of stores to choose from. There are electronic options for some stores as well.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

Sherri Wark                           Steve Wark
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Troop 78 Fundraising Program

Hi Troop 78ers,

Giving a gift card this year? Do you know family or friends who might be? Please consider buying your gift cards through Troop 78. The Scrip program is a rebate program for gift cards for hundreds of national and local retail stores. Purchaser pays face value for the gift cards and Troop 78 receives a rebate - this rebate is split in half between the selling scout (for their Scout Account) and the Troop. The rebate varies by store but can range from 2-12%.  For instance: for each Barnes and Noble card, the Troop earns 8% of the value. If you buy a $100 B&N card, the Scout earns $4 towards their Scout Account, and the Troop earns $4. The value of the card remains $100. Please see the scrip website for the full list of stores, If you wish to purchase gift cards, please bring the attached form to a Troop Meeting or contact Sherri Wark at

Please consider purchasing gift cards for regular monthly expenses if you can. Giant, Acme, Wawa, Home Depot, and many restaurants. Even pre-purchasing one month of any expense will help raise funds. 

If you wish to purchase electronic gift cards, please contact Sherri Wark for more details. *Not all gifts cards are eligible for electronic purchase. 

Please see the attachments for more details and the form to turn in with your order.

Thank you for helping Troop 78!!

Willistown Troop 78